volunteers at inspired works

President - Lisa Norman

Lisa, a Sacramento native, was a visitor of the valley for many years but made it her home 4 years ago. With a background in art and education, Lisa brings a creative outlook to the team.

Vice President - Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea was born and raised in the Santa Ynez Valley and is now raising two girls of her own here with her husband, Roy. She is a valued teacher in the valley and her generous heart propels our organization's mission forward. 

Secretary - Amanda Feeley

Amanda is a Santa Ynez native and local hair stylist. She participated in a volunteer project in Mexico which inspired her to become an active volunteer in her community with Inspired Works.

Treasurer - Heather Gauld

Heather is a Solvang native and is now a local accountant with C&D. She also  serves on the board of Zaca Center Preschool where her oldest son attends  school. She hopes to continue to make an impact with our great community and helping those less fortunate.

Board Member - Eric Bowman

Eric grew up in Los Olivos and spent a lot of his childhood taking motors apart and putting them back together. Now, Eric owns a plumbing business in L.A. and is a proud father of four.  He excitedly returns to the valley, along with his kids, to share his valued skills with the community he grew up in.

Board Member - Aaron Fisher

Aaron is a Santa Ynez native and father three! Although he works full time, Aaron is also a talented carpenter. You can see Aaron's fine craftsmanship at our fundraising booth or at our project sites.

Board Member - Tyler Sprague

Tyler moved to Solvang when he was 5. He moved away for school and work, but was drawn back to the valley's beauty and charm. He now practices law and hopes to preserve the uniqueness of his favorite home.

Inspired Emotion - Ian Palmer

Ian is a Los Olivos native with quite the entrepreneurial spirit. His company, Inspired Emotion, was just one part of his vision to make a difference in his community.  With the help of his friends, his dream to start a non-profit was able to come true.